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Night of the Living Dead Blu-Ray

Night of the Living Dead Blu-Ray

Released In : Australia
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There Is A Fate Worse Than Death

A cunning remake of George A. Romero’s black and white zombie classic Night of the Living Dead is a taut and terrifying return to the macabre scene of mayhem and dismemberment where the recently deceased begin rising from the grave as flesh-hungry zombies. Fleeing from the legion of limping undead, a small group of survivors comprised of Barbara (Patricia Tallman, Army of Darkness), Ben (horror legend Tony Todd, Candyman) and Harry (Tom Towles, Halloween), hole-up in a remote farmhouse and prepare for a bloody onslaught. As the marauding zombies surround the house, tensions between the survivors flare up, desperate to do anything to survive the hideous battle that is before them. Directed with flair and gusto by leading horror exponent Tom Savini (who provided make-up effects for Romero’s original Dawn of the Dead and Day of the Dead), Night of the Living Dead cuts to the chase and sets the splatter count high – leaving behind a grisly trail of blood and guts, like any good zombie movie should.
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Actors: Jason Lively, Steve Marshall, Jill Whitlow

Director: Fred Dekker

Special Features: Audio Commentary with Tom Savini, The Dead Walk Featurette, Interview with Tom Savini, Return To the Living Dead, Interview with Makeup Effects Supervisors, Interview with Lead Actress Patricia Tallman, Behind The Scenes Featurette

Release Year: 1990

Rating: R18+

More Information

Format: Blu-Ray

Label: Umbrella Entertainment

Region Coding: Region B

Language: English


Case Type: Blu-Ray Case

Technical Details

Run Time: 88 mins

Aspect Ratio: 1.77:1

Video Format: PAL

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