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To The Devil A Daughter Blu-Ray

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Loosley based on a novel by Dennis Wheatley, TO THE DEVIL A DAUGHTER was Hammer's final horror film and a tantalising glimpse of an intriguing new direction. CHRISTOPHER LEE stars as Father Michael Raimer, an excommunicated priest who heads a satanic cult called "The Children of the Lord" which hides its dark purpose of rearing innocent children in the ways of Satan, behind a front as a closed Catholic convert. One of his charges, Catherine Beddows has a special destiny to fulfil: she was promised to the devil before her birth, chosen to reign as his representative on earth when she comes of age.

Featuring a dark and brooding performance from CHRISTOPHER LEE and NASTASSJA KINSKI'S first starring role, TO THE DEVIL A DAUGHTER is disturbing and brutal offering from Hammer Studios, and their only foray into 'modern' horror.




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Format: Blu-Ray

Label: Universal Sony Pictures

Region Coding: Region B

Language: English

Subtitles: English

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