Street Fighter Assassins Fist Blu-Ray Steelbook - Scuffing on Cover

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This item has some scuffing on the steelbook finish, there may also be scratching - it's hard to tell. Please see the photos for more details.

If a man alters his path can he change his destiny...or only delay the inevitable?

Based on one of the most recognised and beloved video game franchises in the world, 'Street Fighter: Assassin's Fist' is the live-action origin story of iconic characters Ryu and Ken as they live a traditional warrior's life in secluded Japan. Unknowingly, the boys are the last practitioners of the ancient fighting style known as 'Ansatsuken' (Assassin's Fist). During their time together they learn about the mysterious past of their master, Goken, and the dark, tragic legacy of the Ansatsuken style. Can their destiny be changed, or will history repeat itself? Delivering top-notch martial arts action and stunning visual effects, this is a must-see for all Street Fighter fans and action cinema lovers alike.

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