Hulk (2003) 4K Steelbook

Released in: United Kingdom

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This limited edition steelbook includes :

  • Hulk (2003) 4K UHD + Blu-ray steelbook
  • Hulk (2003) slipcase printed on metallic board with die-cut detail, showing elements of the steelbook beneath
  •  4 glossy art cards


Eric Bana stars as Bruce Banner, whose involvement in a freak lab accident exposes him to gamma radiation. As a result, whenever the mild-mannered man becomes angry, he transforms into a huge, rampaging creature that destroys everything in his path. Banner’s ex-girlfriend Betty Ross (Academy Award® winner Jennifer Connelly) believes that his father (Nick Nolte) may hold the answer to the desperate situation, but can she make the connection in time to save a terrified world? Directed by Academy Award® winner Ang Lee, Hulk is bursting with heart-pounding adventure and explosive special effects!!

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