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Whisper of the Heart Blu-Ray Steelbook

Released In : United Kingdom
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Teenage Shizuku has a passion for books and plans to spend her last summer holiday in junior high school reading in the library and translating popular foreign music into Japanese. But her plans are disrupted when she discovers that the same name, Seiji Amasawa, appears on each of the books she borrows.

One day while riding the train, she encounters a mysterious cat who will eventually lead her to the shop where Seiji works as a trainee violin-maker. Shizuku learns that Seiji dreams of one day taking up his craft in Italy, while he encourages her to write. Although their dreams may eventually lead them to very different places, Shizuku and Seiji vow to be true to the strong bond between them.

A masterpiece about the awakening of creative talent, Whisper of the Heart was directed by Hayao Miyazaki's protégé Yoshifumi Kondo and remains one of the classics of Japanese animation.

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Actors: Brittany Snow, David Gallagher, Jean Smart

Director: Yoshifumi Kondō

Special Features: Background artwork from 'The Baron's Story', Alternate Angle Storyboards, Studio Ghibli Trailer Reel, Trailers, 4 Masterpieces of Naohisa Inoue, TV Spots

Release Year: 1995


More Information

Format: Blu-Ray

Label: Studio Ghibli

Region Coding: Region B

Language: English, Japanese

Subtitles: English

Case Type: Steelbook

Technical Details

Run Time: 111 mins approx

Aspect Ratio: 16:9 Anamorphic

Video Format: PAL