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Waterworld Blu-Ray

Released In : United Kingdom
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The Most Expensive Film Ever Made At The Time Of It's Release, Waterworld Has Thrilled Audiences Through The Years With Its Awe-Inspiring Action Scenes, Gargantuan Maritime Sets And Ground-Breaking Special Effects.

A Definitive Post-Apocalyptic Blockbuster, Waterworld Stars Kevin Costner (The Untouchables) As The Mariner - A Mutant Trader, Adrift In A Dystopian Future Where Earth Is Submerged Under Water And Humankind Struggles To Survive On Boats And Ramshackle Floating Cities. The Mariner Becomes Embroiled With The Smoker, A Gang Of Pirates Who, Let By Villainous Leader Deacon (Dennis Hopper, Blue Velvet), Are Seeking Enola (Tina Moreno Napoleon Dynamite), A Girl With A Map To The Mythical Realm Of "Dryland" Tattooed On Her Back.

Famous For Both Its Epic Scale And The Controversy That Swirled Around Its Production, Waterworld Is A Key Cult Film Of The 1990S, And An Essential Entry Into The Subgenre Of Ecologically-Minded Blockbusters. Presented Here In An Exclusive New Restoration, In Three Different Cuts, And With A Wealth Of Extra Material, This High-Water Mark Of High-Concept Hollywood Can Now Be Enjoyed As Never Before.
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