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Bride of Re-Animator and Beyond Re-Animator Blu-Ray (Beyond Genres)

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The mad Dr. Herbert (Jeffrey Combs), the tormented Dr. Dan Cain (Bruce Abbott) and the beheaded Dr. Carl Hill (David Gale) return in this terrifying sequel to Re-Animator. It's been eight months since the Miskatonic Massacre stained the halls with blood - and Dr. West and Dr. Cain's experiments have taken a bizarre turn. Now they have gone beyond re-animating the dead... into the realm of creating new life. The legs of a hooker and the womb of a virgin are joined to the heart of Dr. Cain's dead girlfriend - and the bride is unleashed upon her mate in a climax of sensual horror.


When he was young, Howard Phillips (Jason Barry) watched his sister get torn apart by one of Dr. Herbert West's (Jeffrey Combs) reanimated corpses. Phillips, now a doctor, is so eager to learn more about the mad doctor's attempts to bring back the dead that he accepts a position at the prison where West is being held. Phillips delves further into West's gruesome research, which attracts the attention of a local reporter (Elsa Pataky) and the cruel prison warden (Simón Andreu).
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Actors: Jeffrey Combs, Bruce Abbott, Claude Earl Jones

Director: Brian Yuzna

Special Features: Audio Commentaries, Brian Yuzna Remembers Bride of Re-Animator, Splatter Masters: The Special Effects, Getting Ahead in Horror, Behind The Scenes: Special Effects Artists, Deleted Scenes and Trailer, The Making of Beyond Re-Animator, Dr. Re-Animator Move Your Dead Bones, Interviews, Behind The Scenes, Trailer

Release Year: 1990

Rating: MA15+

More Information

Format: Blu-Ray

Label: Umbrella Entertainment

Region Coding: Region B

Language: English

Subtitles: English

Case Type: Blu-Ray Case

Technical Details

Run Time: Bride of Re-Animator: 97 mins (Both Versions), Beyond Re-Animator: 96 mins

Aspect Ratio: 1.85:1, 1.77:1

Video Format: PAL